[SOLVED] How to setup events for f7-smart-select

i am trying to setup events (open, close, ecc) for a f7-smart-select, but i’m having troubles.
The event doesn’t get triggered, anywhere. As you can see i’ve tried putting it on every single html tag…

<f7-list @smartselect:closed="test">
	<f7-list-item title="Mac or Windows" smart-select :smart-select-params="{openIn: 'sheet'}" @smartselect:closed="test">
		<select name="mac-windows" @smartselect:closed="test">
			<option value="mac" selected @smartselect:closed="test">Mac</option>
			<option value="windows">Windows</option>

export default {
   methods: {
      test: () => console.log('test')

What am i doing wrong?
Thanks in advance

:smart-select-params="{openIn: 'sheet', on: { closed: test }}"

thanks as usual, it worked! I’m marking the question as solved.
Any reason why these events don’t work with the usual v-on ?
Thanks again

Because those Vue components doesn’t have such events. If you need DOM events it can work if you do like @smartselect:open.native

Mmh, i tried and it works with .native.
Is there some downside for using it?
Any difference between it and the smart-select-params's on?