[SOLVED] How to use f7 route with React?

I am using this template:

I wonder how to control the browser address bar url along with the f7 route changes.
and I want to type localhost:3007/about and the app route to AboutPage automaticly. How could I realize this?

Best wishes.

Found f7route f7router in props. Thanks.

How to change browser address url with route changing? How to route to about page directly when I jump into the url of localhost/about? Thanks.

<Button onClick={()=>{props.f7router.navigate(’/memoDetail/’, { pushState: true, history: true })}} >

path: ‘/course’,
pushState: true,
history: true,
component: CoursePage,

not worked :frowning:

worked when add view pushState prop

You have this problem solved?
Can you give some example of this?

Thank you!