[Solved] I cant use APIs with framework 7?

I tried using the open notify ISS now API, and it keeps refusing to get the JSON, even though I gave it the

<access origin="*"/>

tag (yes i may have spelled it wrong but im on my laptop and cant get the exact code, ecause its a chromebook) Can someone give me an example of using an API with framework7?


You can more details about it?

How you calling this API?



$$.getJSON("http://api.open-notify.org/iss-now.json", function(data) {

Sorry this took so long I was taking a test.
I cant give you an error, I’m on my laptop that cant run PhoneGap. (ChromeOS)

Hi @AEJester

Try this

$.getJSON("http://api.open-notify.org/iss-now.json","", function(data) {



Make your server where you do request had correct CORS headers set

Thanks, this works. I had to use the .success(funcition(data) {}) to get this to work.

Are you using jquery?