[SOLVED] Install fontawesome


I am using framework7 vue with the webpack template.
All works fine but when I need to add some stuff it gets hard becaurse the webpack stuff is kinda new for me…

i followed this guide to install the kit using npm


but after this icon-fa=“home” just gives and empty spot in my application…

Can anybody help me?



:slight_smile: got it working…

  1. follow the above url
  2. download the web version of fontawsome.
  3. open the zip file and copy all.css to the css folder under the src folder in your webpack template
  4. copy the webfonts directory from the zip to the src folder (name should also be webfonts)
  5. in the app.js file include: import FontAwsome from ‘./css/all.css’;

Thats it… now it works!