[Solved] Is it possible to change the sensitivity of swipeable tabs?

I’ve added multiple swipeable tabs in my app. Almost each tab content has input fields, select fields and buttons. The problem by using these form elements is that the swipeable area of the tab content is to sensitive. Sometimes by clicking a button or focussing on a field, it will swipe to the next/prev tab content.

Is there any way to make the swipeable area less sensitive?

I’m using F7 + Vue.

I have this problem with tabs and side panel swipe as well. I had to turn them off. Like you said the problem is that a quick tap or click that moves just a few pixels will trigger it. Swiper has the same problem, maybe it can be fixed by changing one of the settings.

Thanks for the reply!

I didn’t know about the settings. The option ‘shortSwipes’ looks promising.

I will try it tomorrow. Any idea how to add it with Vue in combination with framework7?

‘shortSwipes’ is the solution. Thank you!

wnnd. Im using framework 1.6.4 and I have set.

div class=“tabs-swipeable-wrap” data-swiper=’{“shortswipes”:“false”, “threshold”:“50”}’

And this worked for me.

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Hi @wnnd

Could you please explain (preferably using code) on how you managed to solve the above issue.

I’m using framework 7 + Vue.

Thank you.