[SOLVED]Keyboard hides input

After phonegap build, my keyboard still hides my input…

it tried

input: { scrollIntoViewOnFocus: true, }

but it doesn’t help… I am using framework7 v3.0.0 core… Any remedies? I have also realized that my Left-Panel i noticable slow while opening!

Thanks in advance

If it is Android, it may have conflict with Cordova statusbar plugin preventing WebView from being shrink

Yes… it is Android… Thanks for yout time. I need to use the statusbar though otherwise the fails to be identified from the status bar. How do I remedy this Mr.Vlad @nolimits4web.

@nolimits4web… I can’t type in the password without hiding content… Also, i have a div for statusbar, I use my app starts, the app content hides behind the status bar as seen from the image attached. Scroll into view fails to work for me. I would like to know if here is anything I can do to recitify the above… Thanks once again… Patiently waiting to hear from you guys…


@nolimits4web, thanks and God bless you! I later figured it out. Keyboard and status fixed. There was Cordova plugin conflict… How can I disable box shadow? For my left panel cover slowness…

@Max How did you fix that? I’m having the same problem :confused: