[SOLVED] Moving a div outside of the side panel

Hi guys,

I am trying to create a div outside the boundary of the standard side panel. The issue is that when I move my div there, it is clipped by an unknown ‘thing’. Position: absolute has no bearing on this… the images show position: absolute with right set to -50px.

Has anyone any idea as to what is causing the clipping and how to position the div correctly?

What I have, note the clipped pink square:

What I would like:


You should set overflow: visible style on panel

I have tried that and it does not change things, strangely.

you try with z-index: 2000?

And make sure this div is a direct child of Panel:

<div class="panel" style="overflow: visible">
  ... element here ...

Thanks for that tip. A higher z-index was required but it did make a difference along with the below…

Perfect, thanks again for your help.

Making my floaty div a direct child fixed it, along with setting a high z-index. Z-index by itself was not enough.