[SOLVED] 'no-hairline' class is being removed on initialization

My navbar has the ‘no-hairline’ class to remove the iOS hairline. However when the app is initialised (v2.1.3) this class is automatically removed from the element, causing the hairline to remain.

As per the docs, I used this css in an attempt to remove it:
.navbar:after {

However, the hairline still remained. Finally, adding the ‘important’ tag to the CSS made the hairline disappear.
.navbar:after {
display:none !important;

Is this a bug in the hairline code, or is there a step I am missing in my original plan to use the no-hairline class on the navbar?

In iOS theme if you don’t have common navbar in View it will create new one, so your class is lost. You can create empty number right under View element for iOS theme

Thanks, but now my navbar is receiving the ‘navbar-hidden’ class automatically. Is there a specific parameter I use to enable the navbar?

Works for me. You must have empty navbar under view and page must still have its navbar inside

Thanks, it works now. Maybe I wasn’t reading the docs closely enough.