[Solved] On SwipeBack view dissappears


My main view is a routable tab page,

When I go to another page and swipe back the Main View is blank.

If I press the back button everything is ok only when I swipe back the issue happens,

Thanks in advance.

It is a known issue which was already fixed in F7 repo, so i will release an update by the end of the week where it will be fixed

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Great! Thank you Vladimir waiting for the update!

Hi Vladimir,

I have used the latest repo, but unfortunately bug is still there.

Specifically, using routable tabs, Please find below the bug:

Did you build dev version or from dist folder? If you build then I need a JSFiddle to replicate the issue

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I have built the dist folder, Better wait for the new release then. Thank you so much. =)

Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for the release yesterday, I have updated my project with the new release but still facing the same issue.

Please find below link to my app, You can see the issue from there,

Please navigate to any page and then swipeback to the home page.



Also you have to have CORS plugin installed in order to view the url.

Well, looks like something wrong in your code, hard to test as it loads extremly slow :slight_smile: , i can’t replicate it with routable tabs on home page on kitchen sink or using JSFiddle, with usual or animated tabs all works for me. Maybe you can try to isolate the issue or setup a minimal JSFiddle with this issue?

Thank you very much Vladimir :slight_smile: I will try to isolate the issue and get back to you.

I have fixed the issue, as you have mentioned it was mistake in my code. Very sorry for that, Thank you very much for your continuous support!

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