[SOLVED] OnPage load popup - Cordova Splashscreen

Hi All,

I need to show full screen popup with dynamic data (one time on app launch) then splash screen will hide.

I have achieved this by calling popup on pageInit then hided splashcreen through navigator.splachscreen.hide() . But the problem is that splashscreen hided after showing index page (home) content then popup is showing.

Is there any workaround to achieve this?

And I tried by creating popup content as separate child page and on deviceready, i navigated to that child page. Here the problem is that deviceready event is not fired for that child page which throwing undefined calling of hide (due to navigator not initialized)

Is someone had same issue?

Could you post a snippet of your source code in question?


from popup’s opened event?

Hi All,

I achieved this by making 1 sec delay call using setTimeout function.

Now its working as expected.