[SOLVED] [email protected] using custom photoTemplate or how to enable srcset attribute?

I need to use srcset attribute for displaying photo on retina display. Photos look more smooth and detailed when using srcset attribute.
Is there some way (or trick) to use custom photoTemplate in Photo-Browser component in Framework7-Vue as in version Framework-1.6?

Not possible by default. Already added to F7-Vue repo, will be in next update with passing render functions http://framework7.io/docs/photo-browser.html#photo-browser-parameters.

As of now, you can use vanilla JS F7’s PhotoBrowser instead of its Vue component. You need to pass renderPhoto parameter where you need to return HTML string of photo element

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Спасибо Владимир! Thanks a lot!
A few minutes ago I read the documentation about PhotoBrowser and just found about the renderPhoto, and just came here, I already wanted to write that the issue was resolved.

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