[SOLVED] Picker Not Working

I have a template I load data on to after a request… On it, I want to use a picker…

var pickerDevice = app.picker.create({
  inputEl: '#my-picker-time',
  cols: [{
    textAlign: 'center',
    values: ['Value1', 'Value2',...]

I regardless of how many times I try cant make it it work… My template HTML is as thus…

<div class="item-input-wrap">
                            <input type="text" placeholder="Eg. 02:00 PM" readonly="readonly" id="my-picker-time"/>

I don’t know what next it is, I am supposed to do…

Thanks in advance

Figured it out… I just used the find(); to find the DOM element… And that is it… It works!

Hi Max, how did you use find() ? I am stuck like you was.