[SOLVED] Popup Issue (no scroll)

I have a number of popups that work fine in my test environment but some users with older phones report issues. iPhone 6 and 5 both show only a portion of the popup and refuse to scroll. The lack of scrolling means that the buttons (to redo the calculation or revert home) cannot be seen and cannot, therefore, be pressed (forcing a Force Quit).
Is there a setting that will allow the popup to scroll?

If you add style="overflow:scroll;"
<div class="popup" style="overflow:scroll;">

In android works for me, i don’t have and iPhone to test.

<div class="popup"><div class="page"><div class="page-content">...</div></div></div>

Можно и без <div class="page">, но тогда не будет работать автосоздание компонентов.

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Overflow scroll did not work
BUT adding class = page-content did the trick!

Спасибо за вашу помощь

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