[SOLVED] Range Slider with swipeable Tabs

Is there a way to mark a Range Slider or any content as “not swipeable” for the tab slider?
You can’t really use the Range Slider within the a swipeable tab.

Here is the fiddle:

yes: swiper-no-swiping

<div class="range-slider range-slider-init swiper-no-swiping"...>

swiper doc:

preventInteractionOnTransition boolean false When enabled it won’t allow to change slides by swiping or navigation/pagination buttons during transition
noSwiping boolean true Enable/disable swiping on elements matched to class specified in noSwipingClass
noSwipingClass string ‘swiper-no-swiping’ Specify noSwiping’s’ element css class
noSwipingSelector string Can be used instead of noSwipingClass to specify elements to disable swiping on. For example ‘input’ will disable swiping on all inputs

Thanks, works perfectly