[SOLVED] Re loding issue

used f7 v2,

from the login page, after successful login, i redirect to index page again, but it does not loading the content properly

i tried following

mainView.router.navigate(’/’,{reloadAll: true});
mainView.router.back(’/’,{force: true, ignoreCache: true});

mainView.router.navigate("/",{force:true, ignoreCache: true});
mainView.router.reloadPreviousPage("/",{force:true, ignoreCache: true});

but does not work, can you please help?

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Care to share the code? what do you mean with this:

You see the content but is wrong? in what way is wrong?

try replace your sintaxe

app.router.navigate ('/', {reloadAll: true}, {ignoreCache: true});

No content, getting loader keep loading, nothing display in content part.

Thank you,

tried, but it does not work. still content is not loading.

Try checking the Console window(when you test in browser) and see whether there’s any javascript errors.

It works to redirect other pages

mainView.router.navigate("/some_pages/", {reloadAll:true, ignoreCache:true});

But it does not work in index page

mainView.router.navigate("/", {reloadAll:true, ignoreCache:true});

try it

app.router.navigate ("/", {reloadAll: true}, {ignoreCache: true});

I guess you may have some routes miscondiguration. What is in your routes and what is in your file that you load for “/“?

“/” is default page “index.html”

so that it does not work, created new page and redirected to that. now it works,

thank you for your details.

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