[solved] React - FabButtons navigation to link or popup etc

I am using React and would like to use the FabButtons. Maybe I haven’t understand the concept about the Fabs and I thought this is a button like a standard button, but I think it isn’t.

E.g. I would like to jump to a popup:
<FabButton popupOpen=".myPop"><Icon f7="gear_alt" /></FabButton>
or navigate to a route:
<FabButton href="/settings/"><Icon f7="gear_alt" /></FabButton>

How can I make this work? Unfortunately there is no example in the docs and I cannot found anything in this forum.

Thanks for your help,

I have found the answers by myself - trial and error:
<FabButton onClick={() => this.$f7.popup.open('.myPop')}><Icon f7="gear_alt" /></FabButton>
<FabButton onClick={() => this.$f7router.navigate("/settings/", { transition: "f7-cover" })}><Icon f7="gear_alt" /></FabButton>

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I think I will add router/actions props and features support to FAB and FabButton components in upcoming releases