[SOLVED] Reveal Panel In 3D but straight instead

I am probably seeking CSS help.
I would like to use the f7 3d Panel plugin to achieve this as seen in the gif below. I am not good at CSS, I therefore don’t know how to go about it. Kindly help,
Thanks in advance.

I want my main page content to stay in a straight rectangle kind of, just as seen when revealing the panel

@pvtallulah, you are the css lord… I need your help…:grinning::grinning:

haha im not a CSS guru. in fac i know little css. but will try to make it. i dont promise anything.

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awww… blessings! it’s a manipulation of this…I guess. I cant figure out the magic


change it to your needs. As i told before my CSS skills are pretty basics. So maybe there is a much better and cleaner way to do this.


Just follow the link you share. its nice, why cant you use that?


@pvtallulah… If this is what you mean when you say ‘basic’, then I guess you need to start feeling better…:laughing:… I am way so terrible at CSS, I guess I lack the basic foundation since I am coming from a backend background… This is great! I think I can improve this to something I want… That was so kind of you… I am overly grateful and I appreciate your effort! Best…

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