[SOLVED] Route not working in complex href

I am using Cordova sqlite-storage plugin and I am having it generate a link from the database that allows one to go to an edit page to edit the database entry. Everything works as expected in generating the link but I am unsure how to use routeing to get the link to work.

My edit page, called edit.html is set up as a route like this in my route.js:

 { path: "/edit/", url: "./pages/edit.html" }

The link is a bit complex, so as to set the correct data to be editable, The href that is generated looks like this:

  <a class="link" href="/edit/?id=1&title=Pred&desc=Steroid&conc=10&dose=1">Edit Data</a>

My question is how to set up the /edit/ part fo the link so it will go to edit.html page.
Any help would be appreciated!

Update: figured it out. A misplaced & in my link