[SOLVED] Search in a Data Table

Is it possible to Search in a Data Table?

<form data-search-container=".search-list" data-search-in=".label-cell" class="searchbar searchbar-init">..</form>

<div class="data-table"><table><tbody><tr><td class="label-cell">Tom Brady</td>..

Where is search-list class you reference in data-search-container attribute? You need to add this class to data table. Also add data-search-item="tr" http://framework7.io/docs/searchbar.html#searchbar-parameters

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Works great! Thanks. Here’s my working code.

<form data-search-container=".search-content-list" data-search-item="tr" data-search-in=".label-cell" class="searchbar searchbar-init">...

<div class="data-table search-content-list">...

Seems to need both data-search-item and data-search-in.

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yes, searchItem means single item to iterate over, searchIn means where to search inside of that searchItem