[SOLVED] Show top of page when click on back button

hi …
i use framework7 for design my webview app
by defualt when i click to back button , framework7 show the where i scrolled in previous page
i want whenever i click on back button or drag to previous page, display top of the previous page(like scroll to top of page) ,
how can i do ?
plz help me

you should add some code on pageBeforein or pageAfterin at which page as previous page

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i know that i must add same code to my app :smiley: , i want to now what code i should add in my code


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tnx for your responding , this option is true by default , but its not work for me
i should add this in my code ? in app or in routes ?

you should add in view.create,TRUE means remember position

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thanks a lot its working good