[SOLVED] smartSelectInstance is not a function [Svelte]

I’m getting an error. I couldn’t find the reason. Thanks to everyone who helped in advance.

selectUser.smartSelectInstance is not a function

    <ListItem title="..." smartSelect bind:this={selectUser}>

                    <select name="users_u_id" value={['1']}>           

                       <option value="1">New User</option>



        let selectUser;

        const smartSelectInstance = selectUser.smartSelectInstance();

Did you update F7 and F7-Svelte to latest versions?

Yes I did. I followed this way.

package.json -> framework7 version update (5.7.6)

$ npm update framework7
$ npm run dev

You should also update framework7-svelte

This is working. I missed it. Thanks you @nolimits4web