[SOLVED] Statusbar overlapping the app

I have build android app by using framework7. Its was working fine but now mobile status bar overlapping the app. I am not using any plugin like statusbar etc

for example https://user-images.githubusercontent.com/5129276/30772865-80ec2732-a082-11e7-9cb6-0bfd1bebf042.png


I have already tried your provided link solution and have no success. When Keypad opens, top status bar displays and overlaps the app just like below url:

U must use this plugin and let framework 7 handle the rest for you…

in your cordova config.xml, add something like this…

<plugin spec="https://github.com/apache/cordova-plugin-statusbar.git#ecf8ccd" />
<preference name="DisallowOverscroll" value="true" />

Later in your app.js, let F7 handle this for your… These settings can save your day:

statusbar: {
    enabled: true,
    overlay: false,
    iosOverlaysWebView: false,
    scrollTopOnClick: true,
    materialBackgroundColor: "#0B2161",
    iosBackgroundColor: "#0B2161"

That sould sort you out… I have developed two apps with F7 so far, and these have helped… Setting these things from config.xml may even affect your keyboard on your android theme…

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I have tried exactly your instruction but no success

I had the same issues at one time but that fixed everything… Set overlay to false and dont try tweaks in your config.xml

I have tried and no success. I am using framework7 version 1.

Issue has been fixed. I just added preference "Fullscreen" with false status in config.xml
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