[SOLVED] Swiper not working with Handlers

I’m getting information from my serverside php, but Swiper not working when getting this, only direct with images inside index.html but inside template7 not working.

<script id="templatef" type="text/template7">
   <div class="swiper-container swiper-init demo-swiper">
   <div class="swiper-pagination"></div><div class="swiper-wrapper">
     {{#each this.list}}
      <div class="swiper-slide"><img src="{{imagem}}" width="100%" class=""></div>

This is my HTML.

If you add this code after page init, then you need to init it manually using app.swiper.create http://framework7.io/docs/swiper.html#swiper-app-methods

I using app.swiper.create in app.js

Need to start it on index.html?

You need to call it after you compiled template and added to DOM

Got it, thanks bro!!!

please share how did you manage to solve it