[SOLVED] Tabbar in Vue does not render

v 2.0.10

I’m not sure how to properly use F7-Tabs with Vue. I can navigate and render them so long as I make then swipeable. But I can’t get the tabbar to render at all.

Am I missing something?

<f7-toolbar tabbar labels>
  <f7-link tab-link="#tab1" text="Shared">Shared</f7-link>
  <f7-link tab-link="#tab2" text="Shopping">Shopping</f7-link>
  <f7-link tab-link="#tab3" text="Add/Delete">Add/Delete</f7-link>

<f7-tabs swipeable>
  <f7-tab id="tab1">
  <f7-tab id="tab2" tab>
  <f7-tab id="tab3">

Well I got it it to work!

I had to close down the dev server and restart it. After that it worked!