[SOLVED] V2 - Example of kitchen skin with Login as first page (ex: modal-in)

Hi! I’m having a lot of troubles moving from v1 to v2.
Can someone upload a kitchen skin example, with the login as a first page, and If a login is OK, display the home.
Because my previous projects were with v1 and we used “modal-in” attr to login.
Now it’s not available and I couldn’t do it work wit v2

I’ve tried everything, even with 2 different views (view-main and view-init) but I can’t remove view-init after I routed to view-main


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Is it possible to show a version like this using framework7-vue?

It should be easier with Vue. You just define isLoggedIn variable on your root Vue instance and just use the following app layout:

<div id="app">
  <f7-view v-if="$root.isLoggedIn" url="/"></f7-view>

  <f7-login-screen v-if="!$root.isLoggedIn">...</f7-view>

And on login your just do $root.isLoggedIn = true

Sorry, but I meant a jsfiddle example of framework7-vue. I don’t know how to set up a standalone for framework7-vue.