[SOLVED] V3 - componentUrl not rendering from routeable tab

I’m placing this single file component as specified here:

but minimal just to get it hooked up exactly as appears here:

Nothing renders. There’s no red background and “HELLO WORLD” but no error either…

Can you please setup it on JSFiddle so we can debug and check it? You can start from modifying this one https://jsfiddle.net/nolimits4web/o2ejupu1/

Apolgies @nolimits4web I’m not that good with JSFiddle - I’ve placed a public repo here - https://gitlab.com/mmsupport/component_url

I solved this by:

  • naming my component tab-3.f7.html <-- ( the “f7” in the name seems to matter )
  • explicitly importing my component
import TabThree from './component/tab-3.f7.html';

*changing componentUrl to component

        path: '/tab-3/',
        id: 'tab-3',
        component: TabThree,