[SOLVED] [V3] How to control popup closure with smart select

On the page I have a popup, which when opened contains several smart select, it happens that when you open the smart select popup and do not select anything, I click back, it closes the previous popup, and then closes the smart select popup, as I could control it?
Here is the fiddle
Tnx @nolimits4web

Yeah, it was fixed in v4. You can add this piece of code to your app js:

$$(document).on('popup:open', '.smart-select-popup', function(e) {
  $$(e.target).find('.popup-close').attr('data-popup', '.smart-select-popup')


It works perfectly!!
In version 4 I did not find this problem, but in 3 gave this difference.
I thought it best to add the attribute directly to the smart select popup rendering snippet:

   <a href=\"#\" class=\"link popup-close\" data-popup=\".smart-select-popup\">

Thank you @nolimits4web

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