[Solved] V3 Router Not Working

Hello! I am playing around with v3. I downloaded and setup the split view project: https://github.com/framework7io/framework7-template-split-view

However, none of the routes work (I haven’t changed a single line of code). Navigating to say /about or even /about/ just brings me to chromes “This localhost page can’t be found No webpage was found for the web address: http://localhost:8080/about/”. I have tried added/removing a trailing slash, using different http-server scripts, and even tinkering with the routes.js file, nothing!

Any help?

All pages works under the same url http://localhost:8080/
f7 has its own navigation system inside
Did you write http://localhost:8080/about/ to browser or navigate to this url by clicking

<a href="/about/">


URL’s work fine on the page. I’m talking about entering it in the address bar.

You to enable push state to allow this

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Thank you very much!