[SOLVED] V4.0.0 router.back dont work

In V3 this.$f7.views.main.router.back() function work fine, but in V4 get error:

vue.common.dev.js:630 [Vue warn]: Error in v-on handler: "TypeError: Cannot read property 'router' of undefined"

found in

---> <F7Button>
           <AddPet> at src/pages/add-pet.vue
                 <App> at src/main.vue
warn @ vue.common.dev.js:630
logError @ vue.common.dev.js:1875
globalHandleError @ vue.common.dev.js:1870
handleError @ vue.common.dev.js:1840
invokeWithErrorHandling @ vue.common.dev.js:1857
invoker @ vue.common.dev.js:2170
invokeWithErrorHandling @ vue.common.dev.js:1852
Vue.$emit @ vue.common.dev.js:3790
(anonymous) @ vue-component-dispatch-event.js:14
exports.default @ vue-component-dispatch-event.js:13
dispatchEvent @ button.js:220
onClick @ button.js:213
vue.common.dev.js:1879 TypeError: Cannot read property 'router' of undefined
    at VueComponent.petsToDb (add-pet.vue?./node_modules/babel-loader/lib??ref--6!./node_modules/vue-loader/lib??vue-loader-options:110)
    at invokeWithErrorHandling (vue.common.dev.js:1852)
    at VueComponent.invoker (vue.common.dev.js:2170)
    at invokeWithErrorHandling (vue.common.dev.js:1852)
    at VueComponent.Vue.$emit (vue.common.dev.js:3790)
    at eval (vue-component-dispatch-event.js:14)
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
    at exports.default (vue-component-dispatch-event.js:13)
    at VueComponent.dispatchEvent (button.js:220)
    at VueComponent.onClick (button.js:213)

Looks like you don’t have main view, or you call something wrong. Do you have live example? Also try to just call this.$f7router.back()

You are right, i delete main view… Thanks for advice! Work fine with call $f7router.back()