[SOLVED] Virtual List List Height Paramater?

Hey Guys,

I have a virtual list, I notice when scrolling it sort or jumps ahead or flickers if you will with the scrollbar jumping up and down the side of the screen, I tried playing with rowsAhead and rowsBefore but that didn’t help.

I suspect this is down to the height parameter when set when creating the virtual list, my question is, how to know the exact height value of my item? My list items are a series of cards with an image in them all the same size, I know the documentation specifies the default values, but how can I work out the exact values to suit my needs?

I read you can pass a function to this aswell, can anyone point me in the right direction?


Just use browser dev tools to inspect the element where you will see its actual height. Then specify this height in parameter

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Thanks mate, it amazes me how you can get stumped on the most simpleest of things… works a charm and everything fixed up :slight_smile: