[Solved]What is the best way to package a Phonegap Desktop App - to an Android .apk file?

Normally I package all my apps with phonegap build, but for this app I can´t use the build service.

So I have created an app on my Mac with the Phonegap Desktop App.

And now I wonder what is the best and easiest way to package it to create an Android .apk file?
I have downloaded the Phonegap CLI and node.js

But I can´t really find any docs at Phonegap on how to actually package and create the .apk file.

Is there any good docs/tutorials somewhere?
Thanks a lot!

It turned out that the best way was with the Cordova CLI in this case.

Use Cordova instead of Phonegap which is built on top of Cordova http://cordova.apache.org/docs/en/latest/guide/platforms/android/index.html

Ok, thanks. I managed to create an ipk file with the Cordova CLI, and xcode, will that work with the cordova-universal-links-plugin that you said did´t work with the phonegap.build?
I just tested to create the basic Hello World so far just so I see that it worked.
I will start to create the real app now, if thats the way to make the universal-links plugin to work.

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I’ve been using Phonegap, there’s a free ‘Phonegap Build’ service (free for a single app) which will compile for ios and android, which is handy for me as I don’t have access to a mac at the moment. Obviously many ways to go about it but that’s worked mostly for me.

build without cordova CLI ? are u sure ?

how about ‘extract’ ur apk ? see all code? :wink: