[SOLVED] When using self.$setState on Ajax success, is it possible to add to the content some sort of animation?

I mean after the Ajax success and using self.$setState to refresh the content of the page, is it possible to add to this content some soft of animation to appear nicely? …

I like the animista http://animista.net for many effects… to consider…

any ideas?

you mean like a preloader?


Or you can make a div with full screen size, and add your content there, then just show and hide it as you need

<div class='animation-container'>
  <div class='animation></div>
.animation-container {
position: absolute;
top: 0;
width: 100vw;
heigth: 100vh;
display: none;
.animation-container .show{
display: block;

the code is just as an example.

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it is not a preloader itself…

I have already a preloader for that that it is replaced with the content once it is loaded.

it is after the content it is loaded I want to be able to show that content with a nice animation effect…

is it possible to add this using only css?

check I like the animista http://animista.net for many effects… to consider…

i know animista.net. just add the class you need to your content.

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In my case it does not work the animation when using self.$setState on Ajax success it works only when content already exists on that page…

that is my case maybe doing something wrong…

ok, it works for me

just click Test and the list will appear with a real json request and after load an animation from animista is applied

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It worked fine thanks!!! patty I cannot apply some animations to page transitions as I wanted!!! but It works for some blocks!! and makes things look more interesting… :slight_smile: