[SOLVED] White screen after splash screen

Hi. After splash screen loads, a white screen appears in app.

I used chrome to inspect error but there is no error.

I added this line to app init but not shown in console.
I think the problem occurs before app_init

The app was running smoothly but last I added the cordova-plugin-file-transfer. The white screen problem occured, then I removed it. The problem didn’t fix. Then I removed android platform and reinstall it. But nothing changed. What is the problem?

Hi, same here
I have a dark grey app and between splash screen and app starting I see a white screen

@Yusuf did you find a way to solve this?

Hi. I have fixed it. But it was long time ago. I don’t remember what the solution is. Have you inspected with chrome for errors?

Do you think is some kind of error? I thought was a setting maybe in config.xml

The only error I get is a missing ( 404 ) favicon but I think is because the browser always search for a favicon

There is something wrong in your routes configuration that app can’t load initial page

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I found a lot of issue with this white screen on ionic forum and stackoverflow

this is what solved for me:


Thanks a lot! its all about the routes configuration.