Some questions about V2

  1. On V2 icons doesnt show on ios devices. instead you see the identifiyer of the icon like “bars”, “info”…
    I used iOS 11.2. It also appear in the kitchen sink.

  2. Scroll2 animation doesnt work. Even if I use native JS

  3. Since one of the last releases the router needs about 15 ms for getting ready after init. Our app is calling a specific page after F7 init, depending on a login state. So now we used a timeout as a workarround for fixing it.
    The lack is very uncomfortable because there is no callback for F7 is ready.

Try catch “routerInit” event

From framework7.js:

router.emit('routerInit', router); 

You did something wrong then, looks like font file doesn’t get loaded for you for some reason.

Have no idea what is Scroll2

If you use it in cordova then it will be initialised within deviceready event which of course has some delay, you can disable it by passing initOnDeviceReady: false app parameter

The font problem is connected to the new safari on iPhone. Tested width iphone 5 it works fine. Test on iPhone 7 with latesd OS produce this problem.

Sorry for scroll2. I meant the scroll to a element or position. it doesnt work since v2

No, it is ok on latest iOS. Check this url at from your iPhone. You see icons, right?

Same behavior at

That is weird, this is what I see

I’m on latest iOS 11.2

I installed Firefox Klar for Safari. So that extension was the problem. After deleting that, all is fine.

You read so much about what not is working. So I will tell you, that you have done great work with V2.