Sortable exclude list-items from being sorted?

In a sortable list I want to stick e.g. the first item (or more), so they can’t get sorted (Think of it as something like a ‘sticky post’ in a blog, which resides at the top).

I haven’t found a way to do that via the API, but added a bit in FZ’s Sortable.js which would allow this.

An API would be perfect, but a convention would also work:
Here’s what I changed:

$sortingItems = $sortableContainer.children('ul').children('li:not(.disallowSorting)');

Obviously I don’t want to change that in F7’s framework code. So any other idea appreciated.

Added to core

Hey @nolimits4web

great - that is a perfect addition!
And thanks for adding it to the core. Now I can remove my build-script to patch the current build!

Yes, I think this small addition can be useful for many