Sortable moveElements

How do I update the moveElements setting on a list-by-list basis?

I have one list, where I don’t want F7 to move elements, but another list should be sorted.

right now I’m setting the property when the sortable appears (which is ok, because it’s in a popover):

this.$f7.params.sortable.moveElements = true;

and when the popup closes:

‘this.$f7.params.sortable.moveElements = false;’

which works ok, but I could also imagine something like this:

       'element' :  el.find('.list'),
       'moveElements': true

latter would allow for having different kinds of sortables on one window.

Now it will be possible to override app parameter with sortableMoveElements boolean prop on containing sortable List

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Perfect - thank you! That’s a pretty good addition!