Sortable:sort not firing on VirtualList

All was working well before I changed from a normal list to VirtualList. But now sortable:sort has stopped firing. The sortable:enable and sortable:disable events still fire perfectly. Is there any trick to make the sortable:sort event fire on a VirtualList?

Edit: here is a sample ?

Thank you for the reply! I checked that post and did everything the right way (or at least I think I did), please visit this link to confirm:
You’ll see that both sortable:enable & sortable:disable fire but sortable:sort never fires at all.

I solved this by setting virtual-list-index for each of my list elements and by setting sortable: { moveElements: false } in the app params.

@nolimits4web In the link given by @shatox, you said

on VL, :sortable-move-items="false" should be set

This had no effect. Am I missing something? Only sortable: { moveElements: false } worked for me.