Specific popover dismissible only by button selection?

Hi. I’ve got several popovers on a page and am using the default popover setting to allow them to be dismissed by clicking on the backdrop or outside the popover. However, there’s one popover (with static content) that I want to be able to be dismissed via button selection only so that respective Javscript functions are triggered. Is there a way to do that without it being defined as a dynamic popover? Thanks in advance!

For such popover, (if you are using core version without Vue, React or Svelte), you nee to initialize that popover with app.popover.create and set closeByBackdropClick: false and closeByOutsideClick: false parameters

Thanks Vladimir… I was starting to think that creating a dynamic one might be the only way. Newbie to Framework7 from JQM here, so just getting my head around everything involved in porting an existing large SPA app (17k lines of HTML & 55k lines of JavaScript). It has over 700 modals of which ~30 need to be dismissed via button only.