Start page "pageInit" and "pageAfterIn" do not work through Cordova

I’m making an ios app with framework7 and Cordova, but when I convert it to Cordova for some reason, the processing specified in “pageInit” and “pageAfterIn” of the first page is not executed.

The following is a script file

    var app = new Framework7({
      root: '#app',
      theme: 'ios',
      name: 'foo',
      id: 'foo',
      cacheDuration: 0,
      view: {
        iosSwipeBack: false,
        xhrCache: false
      routes: [
          path: '/',
          url: './index.html',
          name: 'home',
          on: {
            pageAfterIn: function(){
            pageInit: function(){

In addition, I started the build-in server of php by setting only Cordova source (/cordobaAppName/www) as a separate project for investigation and it behaved as follows.

When I accessed localhost:8080
=> Works without problems

When I accessed localhost:8080/index.html
=> Don’t works

The URL will be localhost: 8080 /index.html automatically when you build a build-in server in a Cordova project, so it does not work if /index.html is included in the URL found by testing on the php build-in server If you can solve the problem, I think Cordova’s app will work without problems.