Static footer and some more questions

Dear @nolimits4web,

I have some questions:

  1. Is there a static footer, like the navbar? I want the same footer on all pages, and do not want to copy/paste it in all routes.

  2. Why calling router’s navigate() has no effect in pageBeforeIn()? Any workaround? Is it OK to call it in pageAfterIn()?


For first question you can use toolbar.

Thanks @Fernando_Romero, I’ll look into it.

As @nolimits4web has pointed out in some other question, navigate() should not be called in page events; what I needed was redirect property of the route.

@Fernando_Romero It seems that there is no ‘common scrollable’ toolbar that can be used as a common footer. The common toolbar is fixed and does not scroll with the page, which is what I want.

@nolimits4web, can you please help?

I understand you need it fixed. Sorry.

Dear Vladimir,

Thanks for the link. I had checked it before. I need something like this on F7 web site for all pages, but without copy / paste, and also scrollable:

I cannot find a way to do that. I would appreciate your help. @nolimits4web

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Then you should code it manually, ideally move to some custom component, and place this component on every page

Thanks @nolimits4web. How hard would it be to copy the HTML from somewhere in DOM to end of each page in a global pageInit event?

This seems to work fine for me:

    pageInit: (page) => {
      if (page.$'name') != 'main') {
        page.$el.find('.page-content').append($$('[data-name="main"] .ms-main-footer')[0].outerHTML);

how to do that? i also want a header & footer for my website

but it’s possible to create a such footer? like a website?

hi, how did you solved it?