Statusbar background color does not work

I read “statusbar” section in the official doc of Framework7, I saw this code:

.statusbar {
  background: pink;

I added it to <div class="statusbar"></div> in “my-app.css”, and I expected to see my statusbar change to my set color, on my app on Android, but it didn’t change. Why? I think I am following the docs correctly, am I?

What version Android?

Have you tryed with

    .statusbar {
         background: pink !important; 

Need more context, it is not clear what and where you are trying to do that. Do you use it in cordova? Did you install statusbar cordova plugin? Etc…

I use Android 5 or 5.1
And I use PhoneGap Desktop and PhoneGap Mobile (on my mobile).
No, I have not installed statusbar cordova plugin

If not fullscreen - you need to use the plugin

The app project is not fullscreen.
The F7 doc does not mention that statusbar plugin, why do I need this plugin? How I can download and use plugins on PhoneGap desktop (not phonegap CLI).

F7 does not have access to status bar. Use:

Full info about statusbar: