Staying on White Screen After Build

It was normal when working at a sever. After compiling, nothing loads anymore. It doesn’t give an error either. I think the problem might be in the routes.

<div id="app">
    <!-- main view -->
    <div class="view view-main safe-areas" data-url="/"></div>
</div> <!-- /#app -->
app.views.create(".view-main", {
    masterDetailBreakpoint: 720,
    routes: [
            name: "login",
            path: "/",
            component: LoginComponent
            name: "home",
            path: "/home",
            component: HomeComponent,
            master: true,
            detailRoutes: [
                    name: "mail",
                    path: "/mail/:msgid",
                    component: MailComponent


My address in the browser: file:///home/chronos/u-123456/MyFiles/other/index.html

I’m sure all the resources are loaded. I’ve also seen it work by adding a console.log to the script.

If I include the files in an APK, the path would be: file:///android_asset/user/views/index.html
The problem must be the routes. I’m not sure how to solve it.

Have you tried to inspector your app from your computer? It might give some error from the cordova side on the console, which doesn’t occur on web.

Yes, I tried on my computer no error message.

I think the problem is the routes. On a server, the localhost:8080 route works like this, but when I do file:///.../index.html, I guess the route doesn’t work.