Steps for publish ios app for Apple store

im new to ios want to know steps to make f7 app for ios and publish it to apple store

You need to have an apple store developer account first then create your app in follow the instructions there but basically you will need to setup your business or personal data and create certificates, and profiling for your app and Xcode to archive your version build and send it to the apple store and comply with the compliance etc… many steps but start with the developer account!

here it is the main dashboard:

Inside My Apps you create your App!

When adding a new App you will see this screen:

For the Bundle ID you will need to go and create your bundle ID there in Certificates, Identifiers and Profiles.

I hope this helps! if you are a little lost do not hesitate to ask!


Thankyou, rapgithub

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Anything you need just let me know!
I had so many troubles to publish my app in the apple store but finally I did it, so I know there are many steps to take first!


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thanks, That’s a big strength for me.

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It takes time but once you have it done! next time it will be faster! :slight_smile:

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ya .i think that. thanks

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