Strange error on creatng gauge


i am creating some gauges on a loop and i get following error:
Error: attribute dy: Expected length, “NaN”.

            var gaugeElm = $("<div class='gauge skill-gauge' prcnt='"+skprg.percent+"'></div>").appendTo(sheetSkillsProgress).get(0);
            var skillGauge = app.gauge.create({
                el: gaugeElm,
                type: 'circle',
                value: 0,
                borderBgColor: '#dddddd',
                borderColor: '#0E5C6B',
                borderWidth: 15,
                valueText: skprg.skillName,
                valueFontSize: '1.8rem',
                valueFontWeight: "700",
                valueTextColor: '#0E5C6B',
                labelText: "%"+skprg.percent,
                labelTextColor: '#069CBC',
                labelFontSize: "1.6rem",
                labelFontWeight: "500"

var $$=Dom7;
var target=$$('.view-main .page-content');
var result={
    {skillName:'name 1',percent:0.1},{skillName:'name 2',percent:0.3},
    {skillName:'name 3',percent:0.6},{skillName:'name 4',percent:0.9},
    {skillName:'name 5',percent:1}
var tmpl=`
<div class="block text-align-center">
  {{#this}}<div class="gauge"></div>{{/this}}
    el: target.find('.gauge')[inx],
    value: itm.percent,
    valueText: itm.skillName,
    labelText: (itm.percent*100)+'%'

My code works fine! i am using jquery and it is ok.
i found the issue, the error happens cause i used “rem” for valueFontSize and labelFontSize, the font size renders correctly on demanded rem size but the errors keep showing in console.


Because it calculates offset based on passed textFontSize -> which should be a number representing pixels. Can’t do much math with '1.8rem' string