Strange icon action

I’m use ios theme, when I want to display a person icon in a Link.


I use “person”,“person_round”,“person_round_fill”, then all show the same icon like below

But when I use “person_circle” which not exists in your cheatsheet , it show icon like below

The other “[icon_name]_round” and “[icon_name]_round_fill” icons are not work, too. They all act as the non_round and non_round_fill icons. It’s so strange and what I should reference the icon name? It seems like the icon cheatsheet is not match to the font file.
I use the lastest framework7-cli to create my project and install the icon font and css

You are referring wrong cheatsheet, this is correct one

thx, it’s work now.
But what my the link for in my post? How to use that set icons?

Those icons were for F7 v4. Later releases used updated icons. You can tell the difference in the two webpages by seeing the version number written in the header (at the top of the page).