Strange issue when using getUserMedia streams

hello there, im using framework7 version 7 (because i have a custom theme layout and colors and i dont know how to migrate to f7 latest version) and the fact is that i was doing pretty well, but now i have some issue, im trying to use the QR Scanner from mebjas, long time ago i managed it to work in a old test application, i worked perfectly but now that i want to implement the same feature in my app i have some video playback issue, currently i managed to request user camera permission, get the camera stream and pass it to the srcObject property of my “video” element, everything works just fine on my PC preview (you know, npm start) but when i compile to android and run the app, the video plays a little time and then freezes, once is pass my finger through the screen the video start playing until i leave the screen, but i found out that the stream was enabled and the QR scanner was working too, in fact only the video was “paused” but not at all, i mean, the video wasn’t moving but the paused property was not setted, so i decided to debug the app with chrome dev tools and there i found that the app updates only when a user input is made, but this behaviour is new and never happened, this may be caused by the lifecycle of the framework7? or maybe something related with cordova? since last time i removed and reinstalled the android platform target from cordova folder, and there the issue start happening but now i even rollback the cordova folder and yet the issue is happening i dont understand why or where can it be.