Submit event not fired in popup form?

I have a form in a popup that displays a page with a search field in it.
But when I click on return on my computer to submit the form it is not submitting it or not finding it!?

<form action="#" id="tabkategoriersok" class="searchbar" >
          <div class="searchbar-inner">
            <div class="searchbar-input-wrap">
              <input type="search" name="tabsoktexten" placeholder="Search..." />
              <i class="searchbar-icon"></i> <span class="input-clear-button"></span></div>
            <span class="thesubmitbutton">SEARCH</span>

and in my .js file I have this.

$$('#tabkategoriersok').submit(function( event ) {
	app.dialog.alert("submit the form")//it is not even showing the alert!

But if I click on the button it is finding that event

$$(document).on("click",".thesubmitbutton", function(event){
		app.dialog.alert("click button to submit the form")//this is working!!

Why isn´t it finding the submit event? What I´m I missing?
All it does is reloading the hole site!

Ok so I got this now and it is running the event and it loads the “products” page as it should.

  1. But it is still submitting the form, SO, how do I prevent it from submitting the form and just load my page?

  2. And this is only submitting the form if I have a written value, but how can I submit it without having to write a value? Just loading my “products” page when hitting enter?

    app.on(‘formAjaxBeforeSend’, function (e, data, xhr) {
    console.log(“before submit”)
    mainView.router.navigate("/products/", {ignoreCache: true,force:true});

There should be a submit button to submit-on-enter work

$('form').on('submit', (e) => {