Subscriptions and Registrations app

I need an Android App, IOS App and Web App that can register users, allow them to subscribe through online payment platforms like paypal, visa and other internationally used modes of payment. Basically, the app should connect to social media apps like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, also create an in-app chat application to answer customer and user questions. It should also be able to send/push notifications and have a reminder for subscriptions. Many More complex features as well.

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Hi! Apple won’t let you publish an app with subscriptions if you don’t use Apple pay. Keep that in mind. They reject you the app.

Apple pay can’t be integrated to Framework 7?

Yes, but f7 is for the frontend.
You cannot develop an app and publish it in the App Store, that has subscriptions with stripe, paypal, visa or any other payment method than apple pay. They’d reject it

@vousys Don’t bring confusion

It can be integrated with Framework7

Hey @nolimits4web I do not confuse him! F7 and payment methods are 2 different things. F7 is a framework for develop apps, payment methods use external plugins to do the job. I explain him about his project request that Apple don’t let you publish an app with subscription without using their payment method. Nothing is confusing there.
He’s looking for a developer that can do everything and I explained him about the payment.

Thanks for the knowledge shared. Now, I simply want a web app, android app, IOS app and Windows App if possible. Features would be:

  1. Login In via Google, linkedin, facebook, twitter, instagram, yahoo, office365 and phone number login.
  2. Subscription to various services provided and pay via the most common payment plaforms.
  3. Chat application to chat with logged in members.
  4. Have twitter, instagram, linkedin and facebook integrated into it.
  5. Have push notification features for reminders and alerts.
  6. Should be able to upload documents,
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