[suddenly] routes init event capturing works on desktop but not on mobile

Hi, after upgrading framework7 and dependencies to latest version I am facing the following problem:

I deployed the default fw7 tabbed view app for Anrdoid (using Cordova) and installed on mobile. While debugging the application the routes init event for index.html won’t be caught.

    path: '/',
    url: './index.html',
    on: {
      pageAfterIn: function test(e, page) {
        console.trace("index afterIn", page);

However, doing EXACTLY the same on desktop browser (via npm run serve) does work with init event handler being executed (visible with console.trace like above).

Did I get something wrong? How can this behavior be in such a way different?

I would appreciate any help on this issue, thanks!

Not sure, why it is happening, but I highly recommend to move initial pages content into separate files or components View / Router | Framework7 Documentation

Thank you for your advise on this issue!
I moved my index content to a separate page and initialized the view manually on app init. So far this now works on both, desktop and mobile.
Although I cannot understand why the event was not fired before when using view-init class and embedded page content… :thinking: