Suggestion: how many answers in searchBar?

Unless I missed it in the docs, there is no way to know how many answers are returned by a searchBar. So here is a quick example as solution. It would be helpfull to be added as a new propertie (for example searchCount).

var searchbar = app.searchbar.create({
		el: '.searchbar',
		searchContainer: '.list',
		searchIn: '.item-title',
		on: {
			search: function () {
				var all = this.searchContainer.querySelectorAll(this.params.searchIn).length;
				var hidden = this.searchContainer.querySelectorAll(".hidden-by-searchbar").length;
				var searchCount = all - hidden;
				console.log("there are "+searchCount+" answers");

Default value (before any search) should be initialized to this.searchContainer.querySelectorAll(this.params.searchIn).length;